My Heroic Life

Everyone Needs to Give a Listen!!

This is an absolute fantastic podcast! The podcaster does a great job at digging deep into what truly defines the selected hero. From that basis, he asks his guests questions that makes them think about what truly defines who they are. Great job Matt!

Everyone can be a Hero

I have been loving these episodes from My Heroic Life! Each one shares a great message about the fictional heroes that we love and admire. But what makes it one step greater is looking to those heroes as a reference to how we can become heroes ourselves. This podcast allows for people to be vulnerable with their struggles and to find the hero in us! I highly recommend you listen!!!

Super relatable

What I love about this podcast is how much I can relate to the concepts being talked about amongst the host and his guest(s). Hearing stories of feeling inadequate, unhappy, overwhelmed, scared, and other “negative” emotions makes me feel normal for feeling them also. I love how he talks about different superheroes and how they are able to overcome those same challenges. Highly recommend for a great dose of reality and hopefulness!

2 episodes in - itching for more

From the purpose of the podcast to its subject matter, I knew I’d be interested before hitting play. After listening to the first 2, I can’t believe Matt waited so long to start recording! He is great - and when this podcast continues to grow in success, it’ll be because of him. Cannot wait for more!!


I LOVE the overall message and purpose of this podcast!! Finding my inner super hero while improving mental health and growing along the way?! Yes PLEASE!! This is such a unique and tasteful podcast and I cannot wait to see it flourish! Highly recommend it to ANYONE!!